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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Ratus is popular now. Lots of spas and salons offer the ‘vagina's ratus’ treatment. This treatment, again, came from Javanese tradition. Ratus is an incense nuggets/chunks made from 8 aromatic ingredients including kemenyan madu, sandalwood chunks, mesoyi, klembak roots, aren sugar, klabet, pucuk and ganti wood.

This incense nugget then sprinkled to charcoal burned in a small pottery stove called anglo. The aromatic fumes then applied to deodorize hair, batik sheets or...vagina. We can combed hair on top of the anglo and let the aromatic fumes deodorizes our hair, put the anglo beneath the laundry line for deodorizing batiks, or put the anglo under the hollow chair to deodorizing vagina. Ratus proved to protect batik sheets from mites and bugs, giving a unique scents and preserve the precious batik sheets on storage.

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